We are excited to announce our first ceramic offering, Slick Hybrid Ceramic.  This is an easy to use consumer friendly 1 year coating.  This product air cures quickly in just 1-2 hours.  product spreads beautifully and removes to reveal an instant boost in gloss and to the touch slickness.


Directions:  Load up your pad with the built in dropper, 5-6 drops to start with then a few drops every panel or so.  Systematically work your way around the vehicle.  Apply to the paintwork in methodical straight lines or cross hatch if you prefer, just ensure every part of the paintwork has coverage.  You may work on 2 -3 panels at a time, (feel free to apply to an entire bonnet before removing, or 2 full doors).


It's always best to have a corrected/swirlfree to lay down on, however, the main thing is, the paint is smooth and free of contaminants.  





Slick Hybrid Ceramic Coating 50ml