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Our Story

cute girl in reflection, detailing
Lotus Detailing

Working on cars for many years, our attention to detail, safe hands and positive customer experience is what we feel make us stand out.


Siobhan and Steve are happily married and both share 3 main passions in life which are fitness, animals and cars.


At the age of 16, Steve started working part time in 1996 for one of the first mobile valeting companies in Scotland until 1999.  After a few years studying business studies, it made sense to start up a mobile valeting company in 2002. 


Siobhan isn't just a pretty face, she's a qualified vehicle refinisher with a passion to get the job done right.  Coming from a hard working family, Siobhan is not scared to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty.  Siobhan is also Vegan and likes to lift heavy.

It was early 2015 that Siobhan and Steve thought about creating a detailing supplies shop.  After much research and development, they are confident they are able to offer some of the finest waxes available on the planet.


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