Paint Correction & Ballistic Ceramic Coatings

Ballistic ceramic coating, now with Graphene technology


Ballistic is a true ceramic coating containing a 77% Sio2.  Thanks to years of r&d, we are able to deliver the most durable and chemical resistant product.  This semi-permanent coating can last 3-5 years or more.  Old or new, all cars require our correction process in order for the coating to uniformly adhere, locking in the best version of your car.  
The most time consuming part of the job is the preparation carried out before Ballistic is applied.  After it's applied you will find maintenance a breeze.

Please don't hesitate to call for a tailored quote, we understand not all vehicles fall into the below categories, whether you have a large suv, van or even a super mini, we are super approachable and are happy to discuss your needs in order to implement the best plan of attack. 

Option A Ceramic Coating - £550-600*
(new car up to 2000 miles)  *vehicle size 

After Steve and John spend the day correcting your new car, removing any early lines, blemishes as well as the dreaded new car haze, we apply our very own Ballistic Ceramic Coating which boasts more ceramic than any other coating on the market. 

24 hour turnaround starting at 6am.

Option B Ceramic Coating - £600-700*
(up to 20,000 miles) *vehicle size  


Full day of Multi stage correction carried out by Steve and John to responsibly reverse all swirls and as many lines and blemishes as we possibly can before we lay down Ballistic ceramic coating. 

24 turnaround starting at 6am.

Option C Ceramic Coating - £650-750*
(above 20,000 miles)  *vehicle size  

We spend 1-2 days performing multi stage correction to turn back the time, once we are satisfied with the makeover, we apply our Ballistic ceramic coating for a lasting finish.  

24-48 hour turnaround starting at 6am.

Option D Concours Spec  - £TBA


Email to tailor a detailing plan to suit your unique requirements.  We can factor for retaining patena, sensitive paint jobs, trims or perhaps the plan will be an all out full paint correction to win the show.  You may opt to finish in one of our ceramic coatings or waxes, we are happy accommodate any requirements.  We apply kid gloves to any vehicle that comes through our doors.

Add 2nd coat of Ballistic to any vehicle for  £100.

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