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Paint Correction and Ceramic Coatings Glasgow


We have spent year on researching and developing our coatings to make sure we are giving you the highest possible performance.  Our high end ceramic coating has industrial background and have been fine tuned for automotive application

The coating makes itself noticed when it rains or when you wash the car, there is no other coating on the market with the same hydrophobic and oleophobic characteristics as our ceramic coatings.  Our coatings are sold around the globe to other high end detailers who wish to give their customer the very best they can offer.

Our coatings are not to be confused with dealership/diy grade products, there is a high level of preparation and skill required as well as a stable environment. 


Option A Ceramic Coating - £550-£600
(new car up to 1000 miles)   

Up to 16 man hours are spent correcting a new car, removing any early lines, blemishes as well as the new car haze which all factory finishes have, we then apply Suave nano coating.  

24 hour turnaround starting at 6am.  Drop off previous day if preferred.

Option B Ceramic Coating - £600-700*
(up to 20,000 miles) *vehicle size  

After a thorough decontamination a full day of Multi stage correction ensues to responsibly reverse all swirls and as many lines and blemishes as we possibly can before we lay down an Absolute ceramic coating. 

24 turnaround starting at 6am.  Drop off previous day if preferred. 


Option C Ceramic Coating - £675-775*
(above 20,000 miles)  *vehicle size  

We spend 1-2 days performing multi stage correction to turn back the time, once we are satisfied with the makeover, we apply an Absolute ceramic coating for a lasting finish.

24-48 hour turnaround starting at 6am.  Drop off previous day if preferred. 

Option D Signature correction  - £1200

For our signature correction we typically spend double the amount of time than our other options which can allow us to take the correction levels from 90% to 97% or more as we have more time to spend on hard to reach areas and deeper scratches.   We also add a further jewelling set for an HD finish.

This detail is ideal for car shows, garage queens as well as high expectation clients. 

NB For certain vehicles, it's not all about all out correction, we are always here to listen and establish and suitable game plan for your pride and joy.

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