Safe wash £30/40   

Small - Medium / Large - 4x4

Here we take our time and utilise self taught techniques to deliver a real kid gloves, safe as houses wash that will not marr your finish or damange sensitive areas of your vehicle.  You won't find any silly two bucket system here at Absolute, but you will see a thorough pre wash and delicate safe wash.  Vehicle is dried and finished with our Beadlejuice quick detailer.

This will take anything from 30-60 minutes.

Entry Valet £50/60   

Safe wash as above, Interior plastics cleaned from dash down to pedals. Door shuts cleaned. Vacuum front to back. Windows cleaned inside and out. Spritz of air freshener.  Exterior finished with our own hydrophobic quick detailer, exterior windows finished with our own hydrophobic treatment.

Entry Valet & Wax £80/90

Entry Valet as above.  Tar removed from exterior and exterior waxed.

Interior Valet £70/80

An entry valet with seats and carpets shampooed or leather upholstery deep cleaned and conditioned.

Absolute Valet £90/110

An entry valet with Seats and carpets shampooed or leather upholstery deep cleaned as well as exterior tar removal and hand waxed.

Exterior Valet £80/90

Safe wash. Tar removed.  Clay bar treatment to remove contaminants.  Pre wax cleanser applied by hand, followed by a coating of durable hydrophobic wax.

Works Valet £120/140

'Exterior Valet' and 'Interior Valet' combined, this valet is often enough to get your car in showroom condition.

Works Valet Plus  £200/240

Works Valet Plus.... Waxed with Stay Glassy Ceramic wax, engine bay valet, door jambs polished as we as other extras specific to your vehicle model.  This job takes around 5 hours to complete.

None of the jobs above include any machine work (scratches/marring/swirl removal) If you require more than hand polish/wax, please see our paint correction tab for that and we can add one of the above valets and discount accordingly. 

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