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We have taken our popular 'Stay Glassy' and 'Graphene' waxes and spliced them together. 


This carnauba based wax is infused with sio2 and pure Graphene, essentially a splice of our popular 'Graphene' and 'Stay Glassy' waxes.  This wax yields satisfying water behaviour and as far as durability is concerned, these waxes are part of our launch batch so your feedback will play a role in determining the durability of this wax which will be over 6 months.  Having Graphene and Sio2, this wax will defend well against chemicals, road salt and other winter nasties. 


Apply thinly with a sponge applicator, allow to cure for 2-4 minutes before gently buffing to a finish with a quality microfibre.


Do not apply to hot panels or apply in direct sunlight. 


This wax can be layered, please allow 1-3 hours  before applying second layer, the longer the better.  

Gray Glassy 200ml - Graphene Ceramic Wax

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