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Immense liquid polish

This is how it all started. It started with Immense, our very first detailing product. We've been valeting and detailing since 1996, we've honed a lot of experience. On many occasions we were asked, what products do you use? How do you get that shine? We would point people in the direction of who made our products. We are not one to keep our eggs in the one basket, we used various different makes. Then one day, we had a brainwave and we found a great chemist who was able to make a liquid polish that did what we wanted it to, Immense was born!!

We still don't like to keep all our eggs in one basket and we have multiple chemists now who tailor to our unique requirements, year by year our range gets broader. We could have an entire detailing range by the end of the week, but the R&D takes time and we will not release a product we wouldn't use ourselves and believe me, we are super super fussy.

Even back in the early days, I was very fussy, the Auto glym van would come and i'd just buy the super resin polish, I would buy only Blue window 2 from Nielson van, I'd buy my High style from the Auto smart guy and maybe a bag cloths, i'd pop into chemical guys for some 5050 carnauba wax, i'd buy 105 and 205 from meguiars.... the list goes on and on and on, we are hugely discerning, being a perfectionist can be brutal, but you end up with a better product, so here we have, potentially the best car polish you can buy, great on blacks and works well even in the sun.

We took this snap near Loch Lomond

For our first product, we wanted it to look special, i'm not a photographer, but I bought an sony alpha dslr and had a play, sat this Immense on the rocks, gave it a splash and we got this flukey snap. It's not a car related picture, however, it is a little Scottish.

The incredible Spotless Mobile London

We have had the fortune to work with many incredible detailing companies through the years, Ashely of Spotless is one of them, If you ever get the chance, you should check out the cars he does, it will take your breath away, that is a guarantee. @SPOTLESSMOBILELONDON

This incredible Ferrari snap below was taken by @LOW.ANGLE.PARADISE in Japan. Immense liquid polish is an incredibly easy hand polish to use, it's incredible as a standalone polish or it can be used as a pre wax cleanser.

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