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Our Ballistic #Ceramic coating.

We are very proud of our Ballistic formulation, we pushed the limits with how much sio2 we could cram in, turns out 77% is the sweet spot, allowing the operator to be able to apply the coating without major difficulties. Many other coatings may boast a large % of 'active content' however, the sio2 level is often below 10%, making the coating nice an easy to use and also less chance of the installer making a cock up, however, durability and effectivity takes a hit here. This true ceramic coating actually does plug the gaps and lead to genuine marring resistance. Marring resistance? why is that so important? The main reason your car dulls over time is damage that happens with washing, it's so easy done, every day people kill their finish with love when washing or worse, visiting the #carwash, Ballistic can help prevent this, maintaining that wet and glossy look.

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Peter John
Peter John
Dec 30, 2023

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Aug 31, 2022

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