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Homeless turnaround

Here we have the wonderful story of Brian Hunt of Absolute valet based in Kent, not only is he an accredited Ballistic applicator and trainer, he is also a dear friend.

Before you read it, please realise the papers have done their thing a little, a £6,000 job would include ppf which is expensive to buy and it's an art to apply, a job like that could take 2 men a week to complete.

This is an article from the Sun..

Brit goes from being homeless to car wash king – charging £6,000 a go

A BRIT has gone from being homeless to one of the world's top car cleaners - and now charges as much as £6,000 for a single wash.

Brian Hunt, 45, picked up the soap and bucket to haul himself off the streets and now counts Eric Clapton and ABBA among his clients.

Brian Hunt is one of the world's top car cleaners and charges as much as £6,000 a go

Brian, pictured in his 20s, was homeless before he discovered his talent for cleaning supercarsCredit: Darren Fletcher - The Sun

The former abattoir worker is so in-demand Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich flew him to Panama to polish the doorknobs on his 46-staff superyacht.

He has been to Paris, Germany, Holland and Dubai just to clean cars, including Bentleys and Ferraris, and has worked for royalty.

Brian regularly cleans rock legend Eric Clapton's £120,000 Ferrari Dino and currently has a £400k Ferrari Pista Pilote (2020) in for a "bullet-proof" £4,500 wash and polish.

He has worked for Ferrari, Maclaren and Aston Martin and says the most expensive car wash he has ever done was for a unique E120 Jaguar, worth £3.8million.

Brian said: "Living on the streets was so tough, but then I picked up a soap and sponge and I haven’t looked back.

“I never thought I would be flying to central America to clean Roman Abramovich’s yacht or charging £5,000 for a car wash, but everyone has to be good at something.

“I started out as a rank and file carwasher, just doing jobs for my regular clients. Then someone recommended me to a Ferrari garage.

Brian got off the streets to land a job with a Ferrari dealer in 2003 and now travels the world

He counts Eric Clapton, Roman Abramovich, the Sultan of Brunei and ABBA among his clients

“I went in there and really treated the cars like they were something special - and it obviously showed in the finished product.

I picked up a soap and sponge and I haven’t looked back.

“The best recommendation is by word of mouth and the supercar community is pretty small - and lots of them have yachts too, so it’s a natural move.

“I’m not rich from doing this - because the products and materials account for a lot of the cost.

"But I never thought I would make such a comfortable living from washing cars. I love it.”

Brian started car-washing in 1999 before cleaning his first Ferrari at a prestige dealership 17-years-ago.

He now cleans Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay’s personalised pastel green Ferrari 335, Maseratis belonging to members of ABBA and Crystal Palace owner Steve Parish's Ferrari 488.

A typical supercar wash involves a two-hour snowfoam safe wash with deionised water, a rub down with a clay bar and another three-stage wash from top to bottom before being air-dried.

Brian then machine polishes the vehicle which can take around two to three days, before applying paint protection film and ceramic coating to prevent damage.

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