Our latest wax offering.  Wax is absolutely not dead, theres always powerful earthly elements that can be infused.  We use our usual strong performing base Carnauba and infuse with Zirconium for astonishing chemical resistance and durability.  .  


Water behaviour is very easy on the eye, a very clean break, beautiful sheeting abilities. 


Free UFO style applicator and edgeless microfibre with every order. 


Directions:  Load up your pad and apply to 2-3 panels then buff off to a high gloss finish with a fresh microfibre. 


Every jar is capable of 25 or more applications based on average car size. 


If you do purchase this wax, it would be great to know how you get on with it, please feel free to email info@absolutevaleting.co.uk or tag up #absolutewax on insta.  


Zirconium Hard Wax 200ml



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