Premium Carnauba based wax, infused with a generous portion of the finest grade ceramic compounds for a deep lustre and a 'hyper' hydrophobic water behaviour. 


This be used as a standalone product or as a booster to existing true ceramic coating applications.  


Durability:  This is one of our most durable products lasting 6+ months thanks to it's excellent chemical resisitance.   

Directions: Load up sponge applicator and apply as thin as you can, a little goes a long way. A cross hatch tecnique will ensure uniform application which in turn will give a flawless beading pattern and maximum durability.  

Apply to a cool finish, do not apply in direct sunlight.


Apply to 1-2 panels before removing. Climate and temperature will play a factor on finding your sweet spot.  The product should haze and still be nice and easy to remove. 

This product can be layered twice, please allow at least 3 hours between coats.


    Stay Glassy Ceramic Wax 50ml