Wax or Ceramic?

We use @absolutewax wax and ceramic products to protect your car. 

Our house wax is Stay Glassy wax, this is an extraordinary wax, which yields pleasing water behaviour and more importanly up to 6 months durability.


House ceramic Ballistic is a true ceramic coating.  Thanks to years of research and development we believe it to be the most durable product you can possibly put on a vehicle.  Ballistic semi-permanent coating can last a real 2 years or more, so it is crucial that we spend time with your car no matter how old or new in order to get the finish to as close as perfect as possible, if the candidate will allow, we aim for better than factory.  Even when the car is brand new, we are on a mission to supercede the factory finish. No brand new car is perfect, there are always swirls, marring, random scratches and worst of all, a distint lack of clarity.  We spend most of our time machine polishing the paint in pursuit of the impossible perfection, laying down the ceramic is the easy part. 


Steve first got to grips with a machine polisher when he was 17, he only looks 27, but he's actually 38.  We have a few secret, self taught techniques that we implement to make your car glossier and more reflective.

We apply our very own Ballistic Ceramic Coating to your vehicle which we believe is unparalleled.  This will last minimum 1 year and anything up to 4.  All that's required is safe washing to maintain the finish.  The coating adds a profile to your existing paint/clear coat to the tune of around 1/2 microns, which effectively stands up to minor scratches, grazes and wash marring.


NB: This is only recommended for brand new cars.  The biggest part of any of our ceramic jobs is the machine preparation we do to yield a better than factory finsh. It may well be surprising to learn that even on brand new cars, there can be lack of clarity as well as wash swirls and other random abrasions. 

We need to keep your car overnight in order to let the coating cure.

Add a second layer of Ballistic ceramic for only £100, this will boost the life expectancy by 25-40%

For nearly new car, please see option C.


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