Paint Correction &

Ceramic Coatings

Level 1 detail - Gloss enhancement/swirl removal - £500 - 550 (1-2 days)

Stage one is focussed on removing those unsightly swirls, bug etching, bird etching and light random scratches as well as promoting gloss and clarity to release the potential of your car's true colour.  On well cared for vehicles, paint will be fully or almost fully corrected after this process.  On cars with more severe marring, only the deep scratches will remain, however, they will be rounded off and harder to see. 

We finish with 2 coats of our Show Off wax.  If preferred we can finish off with a ceramic coating at an extra cost.

This is for a car with an abundance of defects.  We will make our way around the car methodically, identifying every last defect with the aim of removing if it is responsible to do so, carrying out as much correction as possible.  


By default, we finish with our Ballistic ceramic coating.  A wax finish can be applied if preferred. 

Level 2 detail - defect/scratch removal £650 - 725 (2-3 days)