Entry Valet £40/50   

Small - Medium / Large - 4x4

Pre wash, safe wash and dry, wheels cleaned and tyres dressed. Interior plastics cleaned from dash down to pedals. Door shuts cleaned. Vacuum front to back. Windows cleaned inside and out. Spritz of air freshener.  Exterior finished with our own hydrophobic quick detailer, exterior windows finished with our own hydrophobic treatment.

Entry Valet & Wax £60/70

Porsche GT3RS Top Gear

Entry Valet as above.  Tar removed from exterior and exterior waxed.

Wash & Wax £50/60

This straight up Wash & Wax includes safe wash and tar removal.  Ideal for routine protection top up.  Add entry valet for £20.00

Premium Valet £70/80

This is an 'Entry valet and Wax' with the addition of carpet shampoo and a little more time spent on the finer details.

Interior Valet £80/90

An entry valet with seats and carpets shampooed or leather upholstery deep cleaned and conditioned.

Absolute Valet £100/115

An entry valet with Seats and carpets shampooed or leather upholstery deep cleaned as well as exterior tar removal and hand waxed.

Exterior Valet £80/90

Safe wash. Tar removed.  Clay bar treatment to remove contaminants.  Pre wax cleanser applied by hand, followed by a coating of durable hydrophobic wax.

Works Valet £120/140

'Exterior Valet' and 'Interior Valet' combined, this valet is often enough to get your car in showroom condition.

Steve Special £220/250

'A Valet so special I put my name on it.  I spend the day on your car using my wisdom to transform it best.  Every car is different so perhaps this will include extras like ceramic coating exterior plastics, chrome, rubbers.  Wheels are coated with Ceramic Coating.  Glass is coated with a 6 month Nano coating and plenty more extras exclusive to your car. 

This does not include paint correction, however, I can work an area of problem scratches included in this price. 

BMW GTS DTM Douglas Park
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Lamborghini Huracan Glasgow